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  • Automated TPV


    Values built on high standards create desired results.

    Speech is a powerful tool. Time is a valuable asset. When both are limited, it pays to ensure your company’s verification scripts are highly effective, completely compliant and backed by airtight technology. Also, verify the numbers up front and the backend support to keep lines up, running and open for business, all with a low cost per call and high completion rate.

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    Fully compliant third party verification right for your business and budget.

  • Live Agent TPV


    Ingenuity combined with accuracy reflects dependability.

    Whether your needs be small, medium or large, live agents give the attention in a made-to-order size with sure-to-please results. The attention is personal, the scripts compliant and the price affordable, ensuring your transactions are conducted in an effective and accurate fashion that’s sure to maximize the volume of your results.

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    Enable customers to enjoy high quality live agent verifications at Tier 1 service levels, whether you require 1,000 or 100,000 verifications a month.

  • Lifeline Recertification


    Lifeline recertification can be a simple and easy process.

    Service providers often complete the entire Lifeline recertification process in-house. 3PV has a proven track record in obtaining results. Let us take the stress and work off you.

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    Fully compliant lifeline certification process, right for your business and budget.

  • eLOA®


    Vision driven by essentiality demands swift change.

    When “as soon as possible” became yesterday, and 9 to 5 became “a short day at work,” your products, services and solutions needed to bypass the shelves and get into your customers hands at the snap of their fingers. eLOA® Electronic Letter of Agency enables transactions to transcend the old way of doing business, not to mention skipping the copying, faxing, mailing, stuffing and storing. No red tape, no paperwork really cuts down the time/cost continuum.

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    Ideal for customers verifying multiple lines, eLOA is a binding Letter of Agency (LOA) sent to customers electronically, via agent e-mail or as part of the online order process.

  • Latest News


    3PV Expands Lifeline Support and Recertification(1/2)

    lifeline Published on January 14th, 2014, by admin

    3PV offers new and enhanced features for ETCs to recertify Lifeline customers Orlando, Fla., April 29, 2013 — Third Party Verification (3PV), Inc., the leader...

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Third Party Verification | 3PV

Welcome to 3PV

Third Party Verification Provider

Fast, efficient and reliable customer acquisition is the key to your success.

3PV specializes in complete third party verification solutions for any type of business transaction. Our reputation is heralded as one of the most highly respected and innovative companies in the complex world of third party verification. That’s because we offer complete third party verification solutions, no matter what the situation.

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InfoDirections | 3PV | Third Party VerificationInfoDirections | 3PV | Third Party Verification “3PV’s star has been rising. They’ve had some large wins this past year and have been doing some...[Read More]
synchronosssynchronoss “The people of 3PV have high integrity, are forthright and handle mistakes well. Their product is of the...[Read More]